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Raindrops, Ant, and Thistle
Raindrops, Ant, and Thistle

I think I need to do some blogging earlier in the day.  On days like today I don’t always feel like blogging – or doing much other than reading – when it gets much beyond 8:00 PM.  I’m not going to write much today except to say that I purchased Photoshop Lightroom and already like what of seen of it.  I developed all of my raw files from the camera using Lightroom.  For some of them, that was enough.  For others, I went to Gimp particularly for touch up work.  Lightroom is mainly for adjustments to an entire image as opposed to sections of the image.  The workflow is to develop raw files in Lightroom and pass them on to Gimp is necessary.  I did all of the work for my POTD in Lightroom (note especially the vignetting).  I’ve posted my other keepers for the day below.  I tried and failed to identify the insects in today’s photos.  I’m close to giving up trying to ID insects.  For me, it’s much harder than identifying birds.

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