Hawks In the Hood

Accipiter In the Woods
Accipiter In the Woods

The last few days I’ve been hearing birds cries from the woods just east of the house.  I didn’t know what they were, but didn’t pay much attention to them.  With half my mind I thought maybe they were young starlings.  This evening I was in the yard taking photos and heard the birds again.  This time I realized that what I was hearing was some type of raptor, so I went to explore.  There were two big hawks hanging around.  They were aware of my presence and wouldn’t let me get too close.  They also wouldn’t leave the area.  They would move from limb to limb and make their single-syllable cries, but they didn’t leave.  I got a few photos but they weren’t very close.  The one I’ve posted has been blown up so much that it’s not very clear.  It is clear enough to allow me to identify the hawks as accipiters.  They behaviour indicated that anyway, accipiters being woodland hawks.  They were either Sharp-Shinned Hawks, Cooper’s Hawks, or Goshawks.  We are south of the goshawks range although the Peterson guide says that they are extending their range south.  I lean toward them being Goshawks because of the marking on their head, but the ID is not conclusive.

My other photos of the day were of flowers found in the front yard.

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