Daily ????

This is supposed to be a daily journal.  I’ve really slipped lately.  The sleep-apnea has been really bad lately and is holding me back in all my endeavors.  I need to figure out how to defeat the damned lack of sleep.  I live in a state of chronic sleep deprivation.  Trying to catch up on sleep on the weekends doesn’t help much because the problem is not the amount of sleep, it is the quality of sleep.  In spite of the fatigue I do carry on – barely.  I’ve not missed a day in the 365-day, photo-a-day challenge.  And I’m starting to get back to some exercise by working with a personal trainer.  I have had five sessions with her so far.  Each session I have had to drive my self to show up and to not cancel.  It has been worth the doing.  If not for having to show up for the trainer, I would not have exercised on those days.  I feel that I’m slowly starting to get some control of my life again.

I did take some pictures today and had a fine time doing so.  I went down to the Boom Site on the St Croix.  The Boom Site on the river is where the loggers in the late 19th century built booms extending out into the river. The purpose of the booms was to guide the logs being floated down the river in the direction of the saw mills. Today the river was very low so a lot of sandy beach was exposed. The late evening was sunny and warm. A great day to stroll along the river.  I took all the following pictures  at the Boom Site.

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