A Few New Pics

It is getting harder to take a photo each day because it’s gets dark so early.  It’s not fully light when I go to work in the morning and nearly dark when I get home at night.  So I have to use artificial light plus a bit more creativity than when I’m wandering about outside and usually find plenty for photo subjects.  I got through the dark months last year and I think I only missed one day, and that miss was because I forgot not because it was dark or I couldn’t dream up anything to photograph.

The current theme for Out Of Focus, my camera club is Where I Live.  I taking pictures in and around my house, all on my property (actually not mine, I rent a house with a large, wooded lot).  My idea is to take a picture using a tripod of, for example, my front porch.  Then without moving the tripod I take the same picture using the self-timer, this time with myself in the picture.  I’m trying to put some humor in the pictures.  I don’t know if I’ve succeeded.  Here are the first four pairs of photos.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Here are a few more shots from the last few days.

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