Driftless Again

Gays Mills - Main Street
Gays Mills – Main Street

Last year I did a day trip to the Driftless Area in southwestern Wisconsin and ran across the tiny town of Gays Mills, in a small valley with hills to the east and west.  A highway winds up the hill to the east.  There are a historical marker and parking area at the top of the highway from which one can look down on the town directly along the main street that is only a few blocks long.  Since that day I had often thought of going back to Gays Mills to take a picture of the town at sundown.

Friday I did.  The area around Gays Mills, Soldiers Grove, and Ontario is pleasant, beautiful, and photogenic.  I got some nice photos.  My POTD is of Gays Mills in the blue hour after sundown.  There was still light in the sky, but it was dark enough so that the lights had come on in the town.  A nice photo.

Yellow and Blue
Yellow and Blue

In one little town on the Kickapoo River – Ontario I think – there is a canoe rental business that has buildings with metal siding stamped to look like bricks.  The buildings are painted bright yellow with maroon trim around the doors and windows.  I could not pass by without getting some nice shots of the building, some against the blue sky and white clouds.

My day’s shoot was filled out with barns, sheds, landscapes, etc.  All in all, a very successful day.  (However, I didn’t get any exercise.  I ate poorly.  I had too much beer, and I didn’t get home until after 1:00 AM.)

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