It’s fun brainstorming how to describe today’s Republican Party:  dumb, silly, heads-in-the-sand, regressive, really dumb, mean, pandering, allergic to facts and logic, really really dumb.  The list can go on and on.  I look at Scut Walker and his pals in Wisconsin and “mean-spirited” comes to mind.  Let’s micromanage the diet of food stamp recipients even if it costs money and puts the state further in the red.  Thom Hartmann says

It’s actually more expensive to stop poor people from eating shellfish than to just let the food stamp program go on as normal, but Republicans are all on board because it punishes and stigmatizes low-income people. (See the whole post)

stamps 2
The Republican picture of food stamp use.

The Republicans base their world view on anecdotes.  A woman with an iPhone was spotted using food stamps thus all food stamps users are abusing their stamps.

Too bad that the true picture is lost – to Republicans – beneath such anecdotes.


If they would bother to look a bit deeper they would see that:

stamps 3


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