Des Moines and K.C. and an Alley In Shadow

An Alley In Shadow
An Alley In Shadow

I’m in North Kansas City tonight.  Yesterday I stayed in Des Moines.  I walked around downtown Des Moines and took this photo for Dogwood Photography’s Weekly Challenge:

Artistic:  Shadows – The opposite of light is dark, the absence of light is shadow.  Interpret this into a masterpiece.  

The alley is completely in shadow in contrast to the building at the end of the alley that is sunlit.

Court Brew Pub
Court Brew Pub

I had jambalaya at the Court Brew Pub in Des Moines last night.  I had a choice of mild, traditional, or hot.  I’m glad that I chose mild.  Traditional would have been painful.  Hot would have been fatal.  The jambalaya came in a huge bowl with a large and tasty cornbread muffin.  It had chicken, andouille sausage, ham, shrimp, okra, rice and who knows what else.  It was very good although I didn’t completely enjoy the texture of the okra.  I also had two IPAs brewed on site:  Honest Lawyer IPA.  I chose the IPA because my cousin is a lawyer in Iowa and is completely honest.  That makes sense doesn’t it?

Tonight I ate in a sports bar that advertises itself – rightly so – as a sports museum.  I didn’t eat at this Subway.  I saw it on my walk home.  I think it makes a nice photo.

Helmets At Chappell's Bar
Helmets At Chappell’s Bar
Kansas City Subway
Kansas City Subway

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